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Magenta Analog to Digital Programmable Joystick



The most advanced joystick on the market, the Magenta is customizable stick that takes analog movements and maps them to digital outputs.

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SRK article here!

The most refined and adjustable stick to ever be released to market.  The Magenta is a hall effect switch with an embedded processor that allows you to not only create custom mappings, you can also watch your movements real time on a separate computer screen and optimize your settings for your play.  This amazing stick allows you to adjust the size of each direction and sensitivity in that direction.  make your down angles hard to hit to avoid mistakes or create a large dead zone for easy blocking in Tekken.  This stick saves hours of tinkering to be optimized and allows 4 different profiles to be stored for easy modifications between games or even characters

A computer is required with usb connection to the stick to program settings, but once that the stick is programmed you do not require a computer connection unless you wish to modify one of the four profiles.


  1. 5v required
  2. Digital output through standard JLF JST-NH harness
  3. 4 completely customizable modes can be stored and switched
  4. remote mod switch is plug in with led interface to indicate the mode
  5. Multiple spring tensions included
  6. Fits standard JLF mounting

Please note: Magenta is not compatible with MadCatz Xbox One TE2 arcade sticks or any arcade stick that does not have a common ground! A common ground PCB is a requirement for Magenta to work properly.

SRK thread with shared setting downloads

Magenta Introduction Video

TE2 Installation Video

JonyFraze Review Video

Butteroj Video

SRK Tech Talk Thread

***Software Download HERE***

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  • CEO
  • Big E Gaming

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Gustavo Cerrato 10/05/2018

Preciso en todo sentido!!!

He probado muchisimos joysticks a lo largo de mas de 10 años, muchos de ellos han sido joysticks de marcas reconocidas como Sanwa, Seimitsu, IL, Happ etc, todos de ellos me han funcionado muy bien hasta que probé los joysticks ópticos donde la precisión es milimétrica y la duración es excepcional.
El Magenta es hasta ahora el mejor joystick que he probado hasta la fecha, el hecho de que te deje personalizar las direccionales le agrega un "Plus" increíble!
Completamente recomendable a todos esos "gamers" que realmente quieran mejorar su ejecución.

  • 1 out of 1 people found this review useful.
Jin 06/05/2018

So far, hands down, best joystick I ever used.

Had mine installed and tested for the past 3 days. This is the most precise and crisp joystick I ever used, and I have been playing w/ default setting so far and haven't even configured it yet. I've played on a variety of sticks, and my go to has always been the trusted Sanwa. I can't say anything bad about them, however, Sanwa stick are designed to be general purpose sticks for all cabinets. I feel the Magenta is the first stick truly designed for fighting enthusiast. The only con I can think about is that they are not really quiet as PA advertises them to be, so if that is a concern, I recommend Sanwa's silent microswitch stick, previously my favorite. Noise is not a factor to me, and I still rate this product highly.

  • 3 out of 3 people found this review useful.
Jonathan Buttero 05/07/2018

Greatest of all time

out of the box, it is better than anything I have ever used, and I have used everything. I have used every optical jlf stick (flash, flash 2.0, Spark, Spark 2.0, Ascii and Gamerfinger) and hated each and every one within a week. They all felt “sloppy” to me. This is the exact opposite. I never once dropped a combo, missed an input, or did anything I didn’t mean to do. It is honestly an instant execution enhancement. The amount of customization is ridiculous. Rotation of cardinal directions can be done is 90* increments, as well as 1*, allowing for a perfectly centered stick. Each direction and diagonal can be changed in 1% increments. Want to get rid of downward diags? Turn them off. Want 4 way only? No problem. 2 way? Sure! You can load 4 profiles on the stick, which can be switched via the onboard mode button, or by hooking up a button to the 4pin connector.

I will never own another lever again.......... Until Magenta 2.0

  • 14 out of 14 people found this review useful.

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Magenta Analog to Digital Programmable Joystick

Magenta Analog to Digital Programmable Joystick

The most advanced joystick on the market, the Magenta is customizable stick that takes analog movements and maps them to digital outputs.

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