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Fujin Lever Ⅲ (Myoungshin Fanta Base) Version B.

Fujin Lever Ⅲ


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*** After October 15 2019, Fujin Lever Ⅲ version B released. This uses different shaft from previous model. The shaft has been increased by 0.8mm in diameter, slightly reducing the turning radius. According to IST Solution, this change is reflected on request by Airback. He explains that after a long time of testing with other players, increasing the thickness makes it closer to the feeling of original Fujin lever that he wanted.


It has wide Neutral zone, great diagonal area, and high tension to offer better wavedashing and consistent movement for Tekken.

Due to discontinue of Panasonic switches, the switch for the lever changed into Gersung (Gen 2 used to use Panasonic. Gen 3 uses Gersung switches). It has stiff tension (45 tension rubber grommet) to offer quick return to neutral from hitting switches. One of the famous Korean custom levers since 2009. Specially it installed custom made battop to avoid any accidental slip on grip. The lever is mounted with 'Multi Mounting Plate', which allows this lever to mount into most of current fightsticks out in the market.

Overall: One of customized arcade levers that is specially made for Mishima users in Tekken. If you want to master Mishima characters, this bad boy will definitely help you out to achieve that goal.

** Samducksa's Crown Lever's grommets will not work on these following models: Fujin 3, Alpha Levers (47C, 49S), and Myoungshin Fanta. They use their own rubber grommet to balance the tension of the lever.

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Fujin Lever Ⅲ (Myoungshin Fanta Base) Version B.

Fujin Lever Ⅲ (Myoungshin Fanta Base) Version B.

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