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The triple restrictor plate for Seimitsu LS-32LS-32-01 and LS-32-02 joystick fits atop the light blue square restrictor plate, and acts as a subguide.

The plate features three restrictor guides for various play styles:

For fighting games, the circular guide gives you the same degree of control as the Seimitsu Octagonal Restrictor GuideSanwa GT Y Octagonal Restrictor Gate, or JLF GT-Y Octagonal Restrictor Plate Insert.  This makes it possible to perform quarter-circle, half-circle, and full 360 movements much easier than the stock square gate.  

For retro arcade games that only require up, down, left or right movement (no diagonals), the second cross-shaped guide will provide this level of control.

For even older games where only two directions are required, the third bar-shaped guide is the one you want to use!

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Seimitsu LS-32 Triple Restrictor Plate

Seimitsu LS-32 Triple Restrictor Plate

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