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Pandora's Box 4



Ultimate 645 in 1 Multigame Jamma PCB

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A great JAMMA PCB containing 645 great games, support for up two players with 6 buttons per player.  This new multigame offers significant flexibility in customizing your set up: difficulty, lives settings, abillity to hide unwanted games.  In addition both CGA and VGA horizontal monitors are supported. 


This little board out performs many similar models, offering a true arcade experience.  Much like other 6 button multigames, this board uses a modified Jamma connector.  You must either modify the standard Jamma connector to allow for 6 buttons or you can use the plug and play Paradise Blue Elf Adapter.  This adapter provides an easy plug and play solution for all standard Jamma harnesses.



* 645 great games in 1 PCB

* Requires a horizontal display

* Supports up to 6 buttons per player

* Outputs to both CGA & VGA 

* Settings for difficulty & lives

* Settings for hiding games

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Pandora's Box 4

Pandora's Box 4

Ultimate 645 in 1 Multigame Jamma PCB

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Game List for the Pandora 4

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