Seimitsu PS-14-DN 24 mm Screw-in Button - Yellow

SeimitsuSKU: PS-14-DN-Y



The Yellow Seimitsu PS-14-DN has a threaded solid color body with a solid matching plunger.

The Seimitsu PS-14-DN has a threaded solid color body with a solid plunger. This button can be used not only in candy cabinets or fight sticks with a thin control panel but also can be used in a thicker control panel that is over 1/4" thickness.

Button Specification:

  • Solid rim, Solid color plunger
  • Diameter: 24 mm (0.945 inch)
  • Overall diameter: 27 mm (1.063 inch)
  • .110 quick connects
  • Used most commonly for Start, Select, Home action buttons and Hit Boxes
  • Button, locking nut and microswitch included
  • Screw-in Button

    Microswitch Specification:

    • Product Name: MM9-3
    • Manufacturer: Tokai Tushinkizai (東海通信器材株式会社)
    • Operating force: 100 ± 30g
    • Stroke distance to Operating Position: 2.5 ± 0.3mm
    • Bounce back to Free Position: Less than 10mSec
    • Mechanical Endurance (Lifespan Cycle): Over 2,000,000 times

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