Sanwa JLFD Detachable Shaft Kit




Sanwa's new Arcade Joystick with a detachable shaft, great for travelers!!! 

What's included:

- JLFD Detachable Shaft
- Custom Clear Shaft Cover for JLFD Detachable Shaft
- Dust cover for JLFD lever

What's so special?

Similar to Phreakmods Quick Release shaft (The Link), you will be able to disconnect the detachable shaft by simply rotating the shaft clockwise after you insert the shaft to the base. If you want to release it, simply do it opposite.

Here is Sanwa's tutorial on JLFD-TP-8YT:

*** We recommend you not tighten the balltop to the detachable shaft with a screwdriver. Instead, we recommend you tighten by hand. If you use a screwdriver, the balltop will be very difficult to remove from the shaft. 

 More about Sanwa JLF joystick series:

Easily Switchable from 8 to 4-way operation by rotating the inner part of the restrictor plate.  Or try one of our custom octagon or circle restrictor plates at our custom restrictor section.

You can also pick up one of our custom actuators or custom springs to mod the feel to exactly the way you like it!

Length of shaft (up to bottom side of ball): 32.5mm, with a 5-pin male connector (plugs into JLF-H, NOT included).

Pinout from the left (top view, connector is facing you): 1 - Black - Ground, 2 - Green - Up, 3 - Yellow - Down, 4 - Orange - Left, 5 - Red - Right.

Easily turn the stick into a JLFD-TP-8Y by disassembling the mounting plate and attach the JLF-CD (sold separately) to obtain a JLFD-TP-8Y-SK.

Suitable for replacement in most Arcade machines and great for travelers.


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