Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT (PAS Silent Mod)

Paradise ArcadeSKU: PAS-SilentJLF



Not only do you get a great Sanwa JLF with Omron D2RV-G Microswitches and an adapter harness to allow you to plug directly into your existing stick, we are including a circle restrictor, octagon restrictor, square restrictor, stock spring, 2lb spring, and three actuators (stock, .5 over and 1.0mm over)


The following is a comparison of our custom Silent vs. the stock Sanwa Silent stick.  We do not include a ball top or shaft cover, mainly because we thought you can pick out any color or shaft cover you you want, and save some money if you don't need them!


The harness has .187 quick connects that attach to the two connection on each microswitch. To install, attach the harness to the five pin connector and work your way to the left. 


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