Atari Amplifone Chassis Repair and Upgrade Service



Purchasing this, pays a bench fee that will be deducted from the repair total if we are able to fix your chassis.  Unless extraordinary circumstances exist we can repair your chassis, this is simply a deposit towards the repair that will be billed when complete.  If your chassis can not be repaired, we will contact you to explain why and send your chassis back without any additional fees.

This includes all modifications to latest Atari specifications including extra modifications to the Amplifone chassis commonly referred to as "bullet proofing".  The cost of this service, including parts is $325.  (purchasing this leaves a remaining balance of $250 when the service is complete)  Shipping not included. 

If needed a flyback will be installed, this is an additional $25 dollars.  

Service return is normally 2-3 weeks.  All chassis are "burned in" for a minimum of 12 hours.

Package and ship your chassis (based on the videos shown here

Ship to:
Paradise Arcade Shop

Attn: Monitor repair

1815 E 41st ST.

Minneapolis, MN 55407

Include a print up of your paid deposit email in the box.

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