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Korean manufacturer Crown made a new series of vibrant push buttons to cater to the FGC using Japanese arcade sticks as well as some Tekken 7 arcade machines featuring 30mm buttons. The SDB-201C is their answer.

The 201 looks similar to that of popular Japanese pushbuttons including the popular Sanwa OBSC-30. Despite the similarities, the 201 was made to provide a different experience. Instead of the fast action found on the OBSF-30, the SDB-201 has somewhat increased tension due to the clicky Futaba keyboard switches which are rated at 5 million presses!

The switches are also found on Crown's CWB-203C pushbuttons. While the 203C requires soldering, the 201 allows easy installation with your fightstick's quick disconnect terminals.

All models of the SDB-201 have screw-in spacer rings so it can work with metal panels with no problems.  

Special to the SDB-201C are that it's easily ready for LED support. The small holes found on the 201C's transparent bodies can allow for small two pin LED diodes to fit inside with your own LED solution.  Kaimana options coming soon!

AND, you can easily insert your own artwork into the cap of the button!

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