Williams Power Supply Replacement by Paradise Arcade

Paradise ArcadeSKU: Williams-200W



The Paradise Arcade Williams power supply custom conversion kit.
  1. Fastens in the original location of the factory Williams Power supply
  2. Maintains coin door power (lock out and lights)
  3. Happ Power Pro with 20A on the 5V rail and provides all original board voltages (12/5/-5/-12)
  4. Power supply with switching harness that can be integrated to the cabinet switch to turn the cabinet on and off
  5. IT'S PURPLE!!!!
  6. Allows for all original connections to be plugged in (cleans up the cabinet appearance)
  7. Eliminates the original troublesome linear power supply. Simple plug and play, see installation instructions for additional details.  Dual AC input: 115v or 230v via jumper.
  8. 110 outlet on the power supply, controlled by the power supply switch if you are crazy and want to use an LCD monitor or something like that.
  9. 110/220 switch for different supply voltages 
  10. Labelled connections and fuses
Tested Compatible games:
  1. Blaster
  2. Bubbles
  3. Defender
  4. Joust
  5. Moon Patrol
  6. Robotron
  7. Sinistar
  8. Stargate

Not tested but should work

  1. Inferno
  2. Joust 2
  3. Make Trax
  4. MotoRace-USA
  5. Mystic Marathon
  6. Splat!
  7. Turkey Shoot

Includes: PCB, Happ Power Pro, power cable

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