Reproduction Atari AR-2 Power Supply PCB



Introducing Our Superior Quality Atari AR-2 Power Supply PCB

This is a reproduction of the original AR2 PCB that allows you to remake any of the AR2-0x power supplies  used in Atari games below. This reproduction allows for Axial or Radial capacitors to be used to help save money and time on your rebuilds.

This is just a blank PCB to replace bad, broken or destroyed PCBs.

A034485-01 - Asteroids, Lunar Lander, Football (4 Player)

A034485-03 - Asteroids Deluxe

A035435-01 - Atari board versions of Xevious, Pole Position I + II, DigDug

A035435-02 - Battlezone, Black Widow, Centipede, Cloak and Dagger, Crystal Castles, Liberator, Major Havoc, Quantum, Red Baron, Return Of The Jedi, Star Wars, Tempest, Warlords

A035435-03 - Missile Command, Monte Carlo (depends on roms, check what you are removing some Missile Commands have -02)

A035435-04 - Food Fight, Gravitar, Millipede, Space Duel

A035435-05 - Namco Board versions of Pole Position I + II, Xevious, DigDug

A035435-06 -  Arabian (check prior install), Fast Freddie, Kangaroo

Power supply Audio +5 +12 -5 +22 -22
AR1-01 x x

AR2-01 x x

AR2-02 x x x x x x
AR2-03 x x x x x x
AR2-04 x x

x x
AR2-05 x x

x x x x x

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