Original Rebuilt Atari AR-2 Power Supply

Model Number: AR2 - 01 (A035435-01)


Rediscover Classic Gaming with our Rebuilt Atari Power Supply

These are original power supplies from Atari, rebuilt with axial long life Vishay Capacitors.  These are not new boards, and will have some blemishes, but no jumpers or boards with holes.  If you want a new AR2 pcb to use your own parts and rebuild on your own those are available here

None of these boards have sense mods, we do not use these in our machines on the floor at the arcade.  Also keep in mind that these boards have all been set to between 5.05 and 5.2 volts, but please check voltages in your machine before connecting the game boards.

Please check your original power supply below is a list of games associated with each power supply.  The AR2-02 covers almost everything except the Missile Command and Monte Carlo that need the higher output 12v -03.

New parts:
Electrolytic Caps
2n3055 transistors
Current limiting resistors
Diodes for AC conversions.
-5 volt regulator
12 volt regulator

Other parts were replaced as needed.

A034485-01 - Asteroids, Lunar Lander, Football (4 Player)

A034485-03 - Asteroids Deluxe

A035435-01 - Atari board versions of Xevious, Pole Position I + II, DigDug

A035435-02 - Battlezone, Black Widow, Centipede, Cloak and Dagger, Crystal Castles, Liberator, Major Havoc, Quantum, Red Baron, Return Of The Jedi, Star Wars, Tempest, Warlords

A035435-03 - Missile Command, Monte Carlo (depends on roms, check what you are removing some Missile Commands have -02)

A035435-04 - Food Fight, Gravitar, Millipede, Space Duel

A035435-05 - Namco Board versions of Pole Position I + II, Xevious, DigDug

A035435-06 -  Arabian (check prior install), Fast Freddie, Kangaroo

Power supply Audio +5 +12 -5 +22 -22
AR1-01 x x

AR2-01 x x

AR2-02 x x x x x x
AR2-03 x x x x x x
AR2-04 x x

x x
AR2-05 x x

x x x x x

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