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Undamned & UD Game Tech is a name that's earned respect through the arcade and fighting game communities with his highly prized consolized CPS2 systems and USB decoders. The old school tournament scene wouldn't be what it is today without them. The InfiniKey-CPS2 is no different. It's a perfect solution to the CPS2 suicide battery issue.

No battery, no cry.

CPS2 is an encrypted system and uses a RAM chip powered by a battery to hold a decryption key allowing the CPU to execute the game. When the battery dies, your decryption key is lost since the RAM chip no longer has power. This coined the notorious term "suicide battery" amongst CPS2 collectors world wide.

What's an InfiniKey?

InfiniKey is a complete battery replacement solution. If you have a CPS2 system then you probably know about the dreaded battery suicide problem that has plagued many CPS2 boards with acid and silicon death for decades. This is a crafty solution that allows you to completely circumvent the issue and keep your CPS2 alive for many years of nostalgic gaming bliss. It's also great for tournament organizers keeping their scenes alive with real hardware without worry.

How it works:

After exposing the PCB and removing the battery on your CPS2 system, view the ROM chips. Look at the large letters printed on the ROM chips and match them up to the table in the spreadsheet PDF file from the download section. There will be a string of 0's and 1's following the ROM set you own. You'll use those codes to jump the Game Select solder pads so the InfiniKey knows which game's decryption table to load. No worries if you mess up the code, the wrong code will simply not boot the game as the board will see it as a dead battery. Since InfiniKey has all the CPS2 decryption keys you don't need to worry about the RAM chip losing its key, and can try again.

For detailed instructions on how to install InfiniKey to your particular CPS2 revision, please see the video below. This is important as each revision requires a different installation procedure!




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