PacJamma Converter



This is a JAMMA board to Pacman cabinet adapter. This adapter allows you to put a JAMMA board, such as a BitKit, into Pacman cabinet with no additional wiring or extra power supply. No modifications are required to the cabinet wiring at all It is plug and play.

PacJamma Button Pinout


Using a simple jumper, player 1 button can be used as JAMMA Button 1, like for jump or fire and the player button 2 can be used as JAMMA button 2.


The adapter also has an additional connector that allows connection to the extra JAMMA buttons for an expanded control panel. 

The power supply specs are 5V 2A, and 12V 0.5A. 

This can be modified to work with Galaxian as well.  For use with only 1 player or Upright cabinets.

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