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Stage 1 Kit includes a bare Crossbone PCB and Micro to USB cable only!

The CROSSBONE by PhreakMods is designed to allow the FGC enthusiats to padhack an Xbox One Pad PCB (original, no third party pads) with ease, eliminating all but three solder joints.

Simply unhook the original top board of the connected PCBs, and replace it with the CROSSBONE for an easy break out of all the inputs, including USB.

Already have a PS360+, the crossbone is made for you.

More than a simple padhack device, the CROSSBONE integrates easily so you to take full advantage of your PS360+, turning your stick into a multi console weapon (XB1, XB360, PS3, PS2, DREAMCAST). The USB Switcher integrated into the CROSSBONE allows you to select your PS360+ enabling PS3/XBOX360 console support without doubling wires or USB connections!

PhreakMods recommends connecting the “switch” line to the HOME/GUIDE button and depressing it upon boot. This sets the USB switch to the SYS2 so that the PS360+ takes over and legacy console support is enabled! Since the switch only needs to be held down for a second when its plugged in and turned on, you retain the use of HOME/GUIDE and you don’t need another switch installed on your case. Smart.

Safety first! Phreakmods has it covered. Mess up a solder on the XBONE Pad? CROSSBONE has a safety net.

The CROSSBONE is equipped with a front end protection diode, preventing you from connectin the voltage in reverse on the main input, which should keep any accidental power swaps from destroying the board.

CROSSBONE STAGES Explained - Get what you want and how you want it. (A Great Collaboration Between Paradise Arcade and Jasen's Customs)

STAGE 1: The CROSSBONE as designed and sold by PhreakMods. No frills. This requires the most soldering as the CROSSBONE is rather bare with no quick connectors for the external SYS2 connection, no terminals for the buttons/lever to be connected, etc. Those with soldering skills and parts on hand will want this stage. Micro USB Cable to USB is included.

STAGE 2: STAGE 1 plus the parts to populate the CROSSBONE yourself. Save on shipping from multiple vendors and everything arrives ready to solder up. STAGE 2 includes the 20P header for the CROSSBONE, the 4PIN Header for the SYS2 connection, 2x 10PIN Terminal Blocks, 1x 2PIN Terminal Block, and two runs of wire for SWITCH and LT/3K IN connections. Micro USB Cable to USB is included.

STAGE 3: STAGE 2 and completely soldered together. This is the least amount of soldering required for a CROSSBONE XBOX ONE setup. CROSSBONE is completely assembled and ready to attach to a pad. Once attached the three wires can be connected from the XBOX ONE Pad and you are ready to connect buttons and play. This also comes with the 20P Ribbon Cable  and USB Cable to connect to a PS360+ outfitted with a 20P header. Micro USB Cable to USB is included.

STAGE 4 (Limited Run): STAGE 3 Kit and a PS360+ with 20PIN Header and 4PIN USB header already connected. Micro USB Cable to USB is included.

Installation, direct from the Creator PhreakMods

Read the directions all the way through before proceeding. Ensure you understand each step. If you get confused, just ask! I’m happy to help/explain a step.

  • Remove the power board from the Xbox One controller PCBs, and connect the CROSSBONE in it's place. Note that it makes things easy if you look in between the two boards when doing this as the CROSSBONE's headers do NOT have plastic shrouding to help with alignment. This is because the headers on the Xbox One's PCB are proprietary and no others have this matching material. Just take your time and when you have it aligned, press together.
  • Solder small wires to the required points, which are B, LT, and RT.  More details on soldering to these points can be found here courtesy of the modding champs of SRK! Find out More



RT and LT can be difficult for new users, and technically you can solder directly to the Hall Effect sensor's pin, but it ensures part longevity if you solder after the resistor and capacitor pair noted in the diagrams and thread. The CROSSBONE does NOT have a 100 Ohm inline resistor on-board.

  • Connect the other ends to the corresponding points on the CROSSBONE. If you purchased a STAGE 3 KIT there are either Terminal Blocks (RT3K IN, and B/2K IN) or an existing wire to simply connect to! With a STAGE 3 KIT you should have NO soldering to do on the CROSSBONE.



The STAGE 3 KIT has a wire connected to the SWITCH. You can connect this to the non ground pin of the HOME/GUIDE Button on your fight stick. Upon power up of your stick (when you plug it in or turn your console in) hold the HOME/GUIDE button to activate the PS360+ if it’s attached! You only need to press it for a second as the CROSSBONE will detect this as it boots up and retain the setting as long as the stick remains plugged in! 

  • Connect your buttons to the Terminal Blocks (STAGE 3 KIT) provided or the solder their wires onto the CROSSBONE. I recommend soldering the wires to the CROSSBONE prior to installation so that you can solder them from the bottom of the CROSSBONE. 


Additional Considerations for the PS360+ Connection

  • The STAGE 3 KIT comes with a 20PIN ribbon cable and a USB cable (pin header style) to connect your PS360+ to the CROSSBONE. 
  • Solder the included 20PIN header to the PS360+ 
  • Solder the included 4PIN header to the PS360+ on the 5V, D+, D-, GND connection.
  • Connect the 4PIN header on the PS360+ to the CROSSBONE SYS 2 header using the included cable.
  • Connect the 20PIN ribbon cable to the PS360+ and the CROSSBONE. 
  • Once the Ribbon cable is connected, there is NO NEED to connect buttons to both the CROSSBONE and the PS360+. Connect your button/stick wires to the more convenient location!



The USB connector cable included only has 2 wires installed. This is because the 20P ribbon cable carries the required 5V and GND from the USB to the PS360+. Ensure the red pin on the cable gets connected to D+ on both the CROSSBONE and the PS360+ otherwise the system wont work properly.

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