Paradise Blue Elf Adapter PCB

Paradise ArcadeSKU: PASBEA



This is the ORIGINAL Blue Elf Adapter, not a cheap imitation!

The "Jamma" based Blue Elf and Blue Elf 2 can really cause problems when you try to connect it to a Jamma System.  Why? The grounds are the same, some systems don't have all the power connections and Jamma boards do not have the 5 and 6 button on the harness...

Simply put, this adapter takes care of all of that, giving you connections for buttons 4, 5,and 6 with a dedicated ground running with those connections.  This is made in the USA with stock on hand and parts available for production on demand.

Don't go through the headache of cutting and adjusting your cabinet in ways that won't work with other Jamma boards.  Simply plug this onto your blue elf and go.  We make these as they are ordered. Please allow a few days for processing.


Paradise Blue Elf Writeup

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