Howler - Alpha vs Beta - Two Player Deluxe Kit

Paradise ArcadeSKU: Howler AB Deluxe

Choose a Microswitch: 50 Gram Microswitch
Button Plunger Style: Concave


Alpha Vs Beta (2 Player Deluxe Kit):

  • 2x Paradise Arcade RGB Balltop Joysticks
  • 26x IL Pearl White Translucent Push Buttons with 50g microswitches and RGB LEDs
  • Howler Arcade Controller 
  • +5V Power Supply 
  • USB A-B Cable
  • All required wiring


An example of the 2 Player Deluxe configuration is shown below:


The Howler Open Source Arcade Controller is a 4 joystick, 26 button, infinitely configurable arcade controller and 96 channel LED driver in one. Joystick inputs can be configured as: digital joystick axis, analog joystick axis (currently 4 axis supportedl), mouse axis for connection to optical encoder devices (1 trackball + 1 spinner). Buttons can be configured as joystick buttons, keyboard buttons, and mouse buttons. Each input can be configured in real time without restarting the device. 
Each button and joystick port can also drive an RGB LED (+5V @ ~20mA). In addition to the 90 channels used for the joystick and button LEDs, there are 6 high power LED drives (5V @ ~350mA) for trackball LEDs. Each LED can be set to 255 levels of brightness which allows for over 16.5 MILLION colors per RGB LED. 
The Howler controller also includes an accelerometer which can be used for nudging and bumping in pinball games. Each axis of the accelerometer can be mapped to an analog joystick axis or a joystick/keyboard button with a set threshold.
The Howler firmware will be completely open source and USB upgradable for amazing gaming possibilities. All these features require only ONE USB connection.
With screw terminals for every input no soldering is required! Up to 4 Howler controllers can be connected to a system for up to 104 buttons and 16 joysticks!!!
Oh ya, there will also be future LEDBlinky support for integration into all of the most popular frontends and a configuration utility that will make it VERY simple to customize your Howler controller just the way you like it!


1) 4 joystick ports:

  • Each joystick port consists of 4 inputs (Up, Down, Left, Right). These inputs can be configured as a digital joystick input, keyboard button press, or mouse input for trackball/spinner.
  • Each of the four joystick ports can drive its own RGB LED (+5V@17mA per LED) with 255 levels per colour. This means more than 16.5 million colors per RGB LED!!!


2) 26 button ports:

  • Each button port can be configured as a joystick input, keyboard button press, or mouse button press.
  • Each button port can drive its own RGB LED (+5V@17mA per LED) with 255 levels per colour. This means more than 16.5 million colors per RGB LED!!!


3) 2 High Power RGB LED drives:

  • Two High power RGB LED drives (6 channels total) for driving more power hungry LEDs (Trackball and Marquee illumination)

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