Paradise 5 Star Crystal Ball 35 mm Ball Top

Paradise ArcadeSKU: pas-scb-35-5



Five is such a great number. It's half of 10, and easy to multiply. 5, 10, 15, 20... easy to keep track of even if you can't do math like some guy named Joku!

I heard a great warrior once did a few mis-translated kayo-ryu-kens x 20 and beat some short alien vegetable guy in a fight. Hey I'm not making these up, these are real legends passed through the ages! Most people know this by now.

Anyway, that evil vegan guy who lost was probably only 5 ft tall. 1 ft for each star in this ball, so if you're like that guy and need a little more kick in your punches or balls then this is the right one for you!

TN: Somewhere lost in translation is that if you grip the 5 star ball with all 5 fingers you can execute a 5 star ball punch. It doesn't make sense when translated to English so take that with a grain of salty vinegar!

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