Paradise Kaimana J4 RGB LED



Paradise Kaimana J4 takes leds to the next level with 4 leds per button!!!  Pair with our Kaimana Mini LED Driver PCB and the possibilities are endless.  Current coding is just for 2 leds and this will require you to create custom 4 led coding. These use the same wire harnesses that the J2 uses.

These undermount indexable RGB LEDs work with simple daisy chain connections to create amazing light shows in your fight sticks. Impress your friends, (and maybe yourself!) with your slick tricky stick. 

These go great with Sanwa OBSC-30mm, Sanwa OBSC-24mm, Seimitsu PS-14-K 30mm, PS-14-DNK 24mm, Jyueeang (Aka Rollie, Aka Crystals) 30mm and 24mm pushbuttons.

**Please note, these do not work with the Seimitsu PS-14-KN 30mm pushbutton but does work with the 24mm button. Also, Samducksa's SDB-202 series will not work unless you use adhesives such as double-sided tape, hot glue, etc. Opening is 13.5mm x 11.7mm.

Combine these with the Paradise Arcade Kahuna's for a Silent light show that is sure to impress! 

Be sure to check out our Wiki page for more detailed information.

*** Please note: Kaimana Mini RGB LED & Brook Wireless PCB (WFB) ***

WARNING: Do not connect the battery and the USB cable at the same time, something will fry and die.

WARNING: Do not connect the 9v and the BROOKS battery at the same time for the same reason, the Kaimana and your wireless board share the power and ground connections

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