Paradise SKINNY Red Aluminum Bat Top



These Skinny Bat Tops have a whole new feel to them.  

Paradise aluminum bat tops are designed to keep your stick the same height but offer a different feel on your controller.  Finely polished aluminum with an anodized finish, these tops really stand out.  These will work with any standard 6mm joystick shaft (standard size for a threaded shaft), and are a great way to bring some bling to your joystick.  

Tops weigh just under 75 grams. Standard sized 35mm balltops weigh 35 grams, 45mm balltops weigh 75 grams for reference.  You can use our custom weighted springs to give your joystick a little extra centering power if desired.

**Please note, if you need a M6-M10 battop adapter, please request at check out. Also, most shaft covers are too long to use with this battop. Please see the Link color matched bat tops if you wish to use a shaft cover with your new battop!

22mm wide and 50mm high compared to a Sanwa battop that is 30mm wide and 52mm high


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