Paradise 3 Star Crystal Ball 35 mm Ball Top

Paradise ArcadeSKU: pas-scb-35-3



Everyone loves 3 of a kind. We love trilogies, tri-forces, teams of 3, the magic third eye trope, that extra third icicle hanging down, the third time being a charm, maybe songs about your girlfriend's girlfriend.

Things that come in three can be great! Legends tell of a bald guy with three eyes, who created triangle blasts from his hands that look really powerful but never make an impact on anything. Perhaps he was just a legendary fraud? Oh yes, why should you buy a 3 star crystal ball? Because it looks cool just like those flashy but not so powerful blasts.

Don't worry, when you have the power of 3 stars in your hand, nothing will hold you back! It's like 3 power gloves duct taped together, for powerful game!

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