Paradise RGB LED Joystick - Stock Length Shaft

Paradise ArcadeSKU: ParadiseRGBLEDStick_stock_shaft



This is the Paradise Arcade Shop, Paradise RGB LED Joystick.  An exclusive stick carried by our store. RGB LEDs do not included resistors so you will need to limit the current with your controller or by installing resistors.  Amazing sticks with custom ball tops.  Install them, light them and then wow your friends!  This is a great stick with a strong spring for centering.  The movement is smooth and it can be adjusted for 2, 4 or 8 way action. This is the first of our LED sticks, a great LED stick for a bargain price.  We specifically chose this stick as our first stick to light up for quality and price, and people have loved it.

*This model has a stock length shaft .*

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