Mpress Nano Blue Cap



New and improved Nano Caps!! 

Looking for some color variation, this is your answer.  We have 9 different colors to choose from. This is a cap for the ULP Nano Switches.  

**** Please note, we still do not recommend that you change them on your own. The switches are sensitive and can break if you remove the cap. Switches cannot be replaced.****


Once again, setting a new bar and taking thin performance to the next level with the MPRess Nano, the best just got better.

The MPress Nano less than .25 inch thick but does NOT sacrifice on performance. Solid Aluminum construction, Cherry MX Ultra-low, Cerberus branch code, custom textured caps... as described at Evo 2023 multiple times "The best controller I have ever used"

All MPress Nano will be custom built for your order, and sold in smaller lots to ensure prompt shipping.

Please note: Base model is compatible with PS3/PC, Brook upgrade with a Brook Fusion, and RP2040-ce sub board are available separately (PS4, Switch and more)

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