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The TPG is a 9V battery operated test pattern generator for Standard & Medium Resolution arcade game monitors (15/24khz).

  • Over a dozen patterns.  Crosshatch, RGB Gradients, Color Bars, Solid Colors, Checkerboard, and other patterns.
  • 5 “Burn-in” Animations. Looping sequences for verifying operation over an extended time.
  • On-screen Menu with battery level indicator.
  • Single button operation
  • 33% smaller than original TPG
  • Enable/Disable patterns & animations via built-in menu.
  • Multiple Sync Outputs (HV +/-, composite +/-).
  • R,G,B Cutoff
  • Inverted Mode for Sanyo/Sharp Nintendo monitors.
  • Sleep function to conserve battery life.
  • Power LED


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