OTTO DIY Joystick Upgrade Kit - V2



A kit that will transform the Sanwa JLF to a joystick that feels more like a Korean joystick.

What's included in V2 kit:

  • OTTO DIY Nylon JLF Joystick Body
  • OTTO DIY FD Nylon Gate - Square Gate
  • OTTO DIY BYF Nylon Gate - Circular Square Gate
  • OTTO DIY .95# Spring
  • OTTO DIY Nylon Oversized Actuator Kit - 12, 12.5, and 13mm
  • OTTO DIY Teflon Grommet with 40 and 60 silicone inserts
  • OTTO DIY "Gold" YFS Screws and Nuts (you will need a T9 bit/screwdriver for installation)
  • Grease by Shin Etsu

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