Bally Midway Tron Marquee Preorder

Style: Encom


Encom version here will have full color Tron lettering and will not match the movie prop.  The original movie prop reproduction is in stock and available here:

Tron is a quintessential arcade classic.  One of the first multi-games, four adventures in 1.  The marquee in the picture is a sample printed on a different sized glass, while we wait for the tempered 3/16" glass to arrive.  All marquees will be printed with another layer of art behind the white backing to truly enhance the appearance when lit.

Reverse printed directly to 3/16" tempered glass, color matched to the original art, this marquee will dress up your Tron machine nicely.  This is sized for a dedicated cabinet.  

These are UV ink printed direct to glass, with an adhesion promoter that we have tested and found works amazing. 

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