Jyuee Ang G102CL-PC 30 mm Snap-in Button - Quartz Pink

Jyuee AngSKU: JA-G102CL-PC-30-QP



These asian style fight stick buttons are great for upgrading your sticks for a new look.  

These clear butons allow amazing lighting with LEDs, but becareful! Bottom lighting can be too bright through a clear cap.  Pele rings offer the only side lit solution on the market and do an amazing job of lighting your buttons evenly without blinding you!

These buttons also allow for the use of SW68 and can be used for artwork.  Swapping microswitches and installing artwork is as easy and popping the two side tabs, and away you go!

To avoid confusion there have been a number of names for these buttons:

Originally called Rollie Buttons, then got picked up by a few other companies and brand labeled.  Currently they are being sold as Quartz buttons by one vendor and under other names by others.  These are all the exact same button.  We tried to encourage everyone to come up with a naming convention, but that was turned down.   We would strongly encourage people to be transparent about these types of resold products.  Two companies label these as their own brand, which is very misleading.

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