Sanwa JLW-UM-8 Joystick

SanwaSKU: JLW-UM-8




When I was building machines, this was the stick I liked to use on my high end machines. Great for Classics with amazing feel, this is the bat top JLW that can be adjusted for 4 or 8 way operation.

Great for metal or wood control panels. Standard mounting hole spacing and Sanwa's screw-on handle design make installation a snap!  Similar to the JLW-TM series, but with a battop. Joystick comes with mounting plate and dust washer. Bat tops are sold separately. 

 *** Regular Balltops with 6mm threading will not work. JLW-UM's shaft has 10mm threading, which is designed for Sanwa Battops (except Clear White Battop). If you want a balltop, you need to purchase JLW 6mm Hollow 316L Shaft - Standard or Sanwa JLW-TM.


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