Crown CWL-309MJ-DX Clear Violet New Helpme Joystick

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What's New?

  • Comes with 2 different actuators (16.2mm & 16mm version)
  • New Gersung switches (GSM-V1603A3HM)
  • Clear Violet battop
  • 30 tension silicon grommet

What is new about GSM-V1623A3HM?

 = Wider and thicker metal hinge on the microswitch (GSM-V1623A3 ->V1603A3HM)

    (4.35mm -> 5.08mm, 0.5mm -> 0.6mm)


What is CWL-309 Series?

The CWL-309 is Crown's most popular joystick in recent memory. Co-designed by long time Korean player Help Me, the 309 was made for Tekken in mind but works well for other fighting games. Along with the popular Myoungshin Fanta joystick, the 309 can be found in various arcades throughout South Korea.

Crown designed the 309 as their interpretation to the Fanta. Using parts from both their CWJ-303N and CWL-307 joystick, which emphasizes specific elements, the 309 was made to be the balance of the two mentioned models.

Introduced in the 307 joystick, the 309 features a silicone tension grommet. Compared to the original latex grommets, Crown opted for silicone so tension will maintain consistency even after prolonged use. New players will notice the higher tension compared to Japanese joysticks. Experienced Korean joystick users will find that it's lighter than the Fanta and Crown's other models with latex grommets. Even with the relatively lighter tension, it's capable enough to go back to neutral position.

Every 309 joystick comes with Gersung V1623A3 switches for fast action. A set of .187" wires or a .187" to 5-pin harness is required to properly connect the joystick's switches to your arcade stick. You can replace the stock top and shaft with that of our custom Crown shafts and a ball or bat top from Sanwa.

The 309-MJ is compatible with Mad Catz, Hori, Qanba or Razer arcade sticks. Please select the normal Crown CWL-309 if you have an arcade stick requiring a Korean compatible mount.


Comparison (photo by

The 303-N main characteristic is longer travel distance, while the 307's larger actuator shortened dead zones. The 309MJ-JMS-ST25 is Crown's closest attempt to mimic the popular Myoungshin Fanta Joystick, narrowing the throw distance and a smaller, durable 16.5mm polyoxymethylene plastic actuator.

One of the most prominent feedback from players when trying the earlier model 303-FK and 307-FJ is accuracy issues that arose from lack of a collar.  Crown decided to incorporate a 6mm low-profile collar that offered the best of both worlds.  The short collar allows you to install the lever into Japanese style Fightsticks or cabinets (which often come with s-plate mount points), yet it maintains the accuracy that came with use of the collar.

You can see comparison shots at Hibal.tistory.comnew-window-icon.png


This model of joystick lever is compatible with the Crown JLF Conversion Shaft - our design, and our solution that allows you to install an interchangeable balltop or battop  (with adapter) onto your Crown joystick.  This provides a greater amount of customization. 



The bottom construction of the CWL-309-HelpmeK-ST35 joystick lever matches that of the 303-FK though colored black.  The microswitches are positioned closer to the actuator than the 307, and are not embedded into the housing as the 307.


Thanks to for a detailed overview of the Crown 309 models.

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