Alpha Lever 49S (2019 Ver.)

IST Solution (ISTMall)SKU: ISL-49S-B Alpha

Joystick Battops: Red



Alpha 49S is a newer version from the previous model (47C) by replacing Deco switches (400gf) into Omron switches (400gf -> 125gf). Due to its change, the lever feels a bit lighter than 47C. However, by changing the tension of the lever from 30 to 35/40/45, it will solve the issue of feeling loose on the tension of the joystick. It has gotten feedback and help from many Korean players to upgrade the previous model into this version of the stick. Another noticeable difference between 47C and 49S is the size of the neutral zone and the diagonal engage zone. 47C has a bigger neutral zone with a small diagonal engage zone. Unlike 47C, 49S has smaller neutral zone than 47C while increasing the size of diagonal engage zone to help inputs such as 6N23 (dp) or 63214 (hcb) much easier.

Overall: It is one of the balanced Korean levers to satisfy not just Mishima users, but also non-Mishima users, too. It will offer smooth but precise inputs such as qcf, qcb, hcf, or even hcb to the players to dominate their games.

The lever is great for 2D games with 25 tension, while 30 to 45 tension for Tekken.

** Samducksa's Crown Lever's grommets will not work on these following models: Fujin 3, Alpha Levers (47C, 49S), and Myoungshin Fanta. They use their own rubber grommet to balance the tension of the lever.

Notable users to this lever: Imyourfather, MadDogJin

If you want to see other Korean players trying this lever, you can check out this video. 

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