Alpha Lever 47C - Black Battop

IST Solution (ISTMall)SKU: ISL-47C-B Alpha





Custom lever made by Korean fightstick company, ISTMALL. It uses other Korean microswitch called Deco (even though switch has 400gf OF, some say this feels little heavier tension than Gersung’s 400gf switch).

Because its body is based on Myoungshin Fanta, Fanta lever’s grommet can be interchangeable with Alpha lever’s grommet. This will provide opportunity for the people who want to customize lever into their style.

It comes with 32 tension; however, you can change the tension from 25 to 45 by simply swapping the grommet inside the lever. Also, it does not have a ‘Neck’ which allows this product to be installed in most of the standard fightstick cases in the market.

Overall: With Deco's high tension switches (400gf), it will offer high tension with accurate input.

** Samducksa's Crown Lever's grommets will not work on these following models: Fujin 3, Alpha Levers (47C, 49S), and Myoungshin Fanta. They use their own rubber grommet to balance the tension of the lever.


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