iL PSL-L Concave Button - Black & Clear White Plunger

Industrias Lorenzo, S.A.SKU: iL-PSL-L-TW/K



We thought we'd add a little extra so you do have to spend extra on two sets of buttons! Order here for Black Rim/ Bezel with Translucent Plungers. These buttons look GREAT with the IL Lumination RGB LEDs Revision A which sit inside the button. This way you can have black rims with LED lit plungers. 

The American styled Solid Black stem with Translucent White Concave buttons by iL (Industrias Lorenzo).

These are the real original arcade buttons from iL, made in Spain, not in Asia. This is who supplied all of Happ buttons before Happ exported production to China in mid 2000s. 

The iL PSL-L is a high quality arcade button, which features a concave plunger and has a long stem, which makes this button suitable for mounting in metal or thick wooden control panels. The iL PSL-L push-button is supplied with a button nut and the selection of microswitch with .187 terminals. 

Button Specification:

  • Translucent White plunger & Solid Black stem
  • Dimensions: 2.6" L x 1.5" H x 1.5" W
  • Mounting hole required: 1.125" (28 mm) hole
  • Concave style plunger
  • Long stem body
  • Made for 1/16 inch metal to 3/4 inch wood control panels
  • High quality plastics for durability
  • Includes a button nut and a microswitch

Microswitch Option:

  • 50 gram Zippy's microswitch is included at the base cost.
  • Original Cherry/ZF microswitch (Cherry D44X 75g .187" microswitch) available by exchanging Zippy microswitch with extra cost of $1.
  • Rollie Leaf switch available for Leaf style pushbutton.

*LEDs are not included, you must purchase them separately*

To install, please see an explanation of which tabs to use in our solution database here.

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