OBS-MX Replacement Wire Harness

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After many requests we've decided to list our OBS-MX PCBs with no switch so customers can choose and solder their own.

***Please note this is just the OBS-MX Replacement Wire Harness ***  Every OBS-MX pcb comes with a wire harness. You DO NOT have to buy separately. 

We are proud to introduce the OBS-MX modification for an Sanwa OBSF, OBSC (OBSN will work with switches that do not have tactile feedback, so no cherry greens or cherry blues with OBSN housing)


Why should you use OBS-MX buttons?
1) Tested at Evo and received rave reviews (with one exception for those who like clicks... and this will be addressed soon!)

2) More sensitive, the average button from Sanwa or Seimitsu requires 200% of travel to actuate, other Cherry MX based buttons require 300%!!! *note this is a Gateron switch* The OBS-MX reliably actuates at half the travel of a Sanwa OBSF, giving you a competitive edge. With the MX precision these won't go off if you brush them but any intentional presses are fast and accurate!

3) They fit your existing buttons and allow MX upgrades at a fraction of the cost. You don't have to pop buttons out, just pull the microswitch and plunger, drop the OBS-MX buttons in and you are ready to go.

4) The most versatile button on the market. We don't just allow for you to do LED mods, we make it easy.

5) The custom caps are US molded, and the parts are assembled in the US with 100% testing

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