Crown 303-FK 10mm Hollow 316L Shaft - JLF Length

Paradise ArcadeSKU: CR-303-FK JLFL



Another great custom hollow shaft from Paradise Arcade shop. 


The Crown 303-FK is one of the Premier Korean joysticks. We have added not one, but FOUR custom shafts for the 303-FK.  This shaft is perfect for JLF enthusiasts who want to try out the Crown line up with RGB Ball tops.

Crowns work with a rubber grommet for centering and the pivot point sits lower in the stick than a standard JLF.  Because of this the feel is very different.   These shafts are specifically designed with 10mm threading to let you use our custom RGB tops or Bat tops for your sticks while providing the exact same height off the mounting plate that you will find with a standard JLF.  

The key here is not the over all shaft length, but the height from the actual mounting plate to the threading where the tops are mounted.  By shortening the length you do not change the angle the stick will move, but you do change the distance it needs to move, in other words you shorten the throw from the stock Crown.

 This stick is a great way for JLF users to try out these new sticks and preserve the height of their ball tops.?

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