Brook PS3 / PS4 Fighting Board Plus

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Brooks new PS3/PS4 Fighting Board Plus is a new revision of the original PS3/PS4 board but with pre-soldered connectors allowing easy hook up using harnesses. Please note that this PS3/PS4 PCB doesn't have audio, if you need audio you can upgrade to the PS3/PS4+ Audio Board by Brook. If you don't need the audio function but want an easy to set up PS3/PS4 board, this will be the board you want.



  • Compatible with all PS3 / PS4 buttons and Xinput on PC

  • Eighteen different button configurations
  • Four different Player LEDs
  • Support One Touchpad function (optional purchase)
  • Support Turbo Key function
  • Automatically change the modes on different consoles 
  • Manually change PS3/PS4/PC modes
  • Support two SOCD modes
  • Support LS, RS, and DP modes
  • Firmware upgradable

Wiring Diagrams:

J15 jumper settings for alternative SOC:

Manually changing directional input modes:



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