SamducksaSKU: Crown CWJ-303N Clear Red5581

Details: With Harness


Crown CWJ-303N joystick is designed to offer the same great Fanta stick performance with Crown's wide range of colors and microswitch selections.

Crown CWJ-303N a very precise joystick constructed with Korean Gersung microswitches and circular actuator.

Also, the shaft is shorter from the bottom for easier mounting on various sticks, which used to be an issue with previous joystick models from Crown.

This model comes with a CLEAR RED knob.

Please note: The 303-N mounting plate is NOT compatible with Sanwa JLF mount cases such as MadCatz TE or Qanba Q4RAF.  Please select the Crown 303-FK if you require a Sanwa compatible mount.   Please see photo gallery for sizing diagram.?




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