Helluva 623P Arcade Stick Bag

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Helluva 623P Arcade Stick Bag is a perfect carrying bag/backpack for the people who travels to various tournaments and the events.

The bag is compatible with most of commercial arcade sticks out at the market

(Please note that Helluva 623P Arcade Stick Bag is NOT suitable for Qanba Dragon arcade stick, Hori Fighting Edge, and Hori VLX due to its size.)

Product Features:
* Suitable for most arcade fight sticks (Madcatz, Victrix, Mayflash, HORI and most Qanba joysticks except Qanba Dragon, Hori Fighting Edge, and Hori VLX)
* Detachable cushion
* Can be used as a carrying bag or backpack
* 4 x front pockets for small items
* Main pocket on the back can store 15 inch laptops or tablets
* Design input by former Tekken World Champion Nobi

Product Dimensions:

42 cm X 50 cm X 16 cm (16.5" x 19.6" x 6.3")


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