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Starting a Paid Membership Site You can make a lot of money by owning a paid membership site. You can have steady income for years from just one membership site. Membership sites come in automatically as long as the site is running. In case you are unsure of what a paid membership site is, let us review:

Just a few years ago, most people did not have to pay to access information online; it was free for the taking. Membership sites did not become popular until a few years ago, so the field is pretty wide open yet for new membership site owners.

Your first step in starting a membership site is to choose a topic. The topic should be something that you are fervent about, have some expertise in, and are viewed by others as having knowledge about the topic. Sit down and make a list of all the things that you have interest in, your hobbies, your vocations, any business training you have had, or even what you do when you have free time. Are you a consultant, speaker, or mentor to others on any topic? Once you have narrowed down a topic it is time to set up your member's only site.

Setting up your membership site:

You will find many software programs and tools to help you set up your membership site. Basically, you need a Website, hosting, and 3rd party services to help you with the administrative tasks of running a membership site. You can find all of this in one place by using membership management software systems. These systems automatically do all the administrative tasks involved in running a membership site. Using a system can reduce your workload greatly.

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