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Silent Pads in a Hit Box

Most of the time a hit box relies heavily on 24mm buttons for actions. The options for silencing 24mm buttons depends on the buttons being used.

The Sanwa OBSF 24mm can be silenced using either the Little Kahuna or the OBSF 24mm Thin Silent Pad or the OBSF 24mm Thick Silent Pad

One thing people don't realize is that you can actually combine the Little Kahuna with the 24mm Pads for increased sensitivity on the 24mm pads and the ultimate silent experience. Because the Kahuna series fits between the button cap and plunger it will actually make up for the space lost with the 24mm pads.

For Seimitsu buttons with small microswitches (30mm or 24mm): The Little Kahuna works great.

For Seimitsu buttons with large microswitches (30mm or 24mm): The Paradise Big Kahuna will get the job done.

For the 30mm snap in Sanwa OBSF or OBSC you can use the standard OBSFS silent pads or the thick silent pads

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