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-as for build muscle mass-chemical compoundsaccelerating production protein intracellular structure and stimulating accelerated growth of muscle volume. In bodybuilding steroids claimed as dopingincreasing recovery and increasing endurance bodybuilder. In its chemical effect sports pharmacology similar to testosteronebut significantly stronger natural. If say clearer: as introduce body in process, a similar puberty youth. While AC impact ​the body in General. Takefor example, turinabol. Back in 1960 East Germany invented a number effective as, including ​and drug oral-turinabolInventors described it as compound version with mitigated anabolic impact and low probability side effects, without ​the effect of suspension of excretion water in body trainee. It is prolonged acting steroid. During reception turinabol weight, strength indicators ​and clarity ​of outline muscles developing enough slowlyhowever according ​to the words athletes achieved results where better. +
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